Mr. Fusion-like power for cars just a decade away?


In the 1960s most of America assumed that by 2008 we’d be driving nuclear-powered cars around. Even in Back to the Future the Delorian was powered by Mr. Fusion. But alas, anyone can tell you that we’re still chained to oil-powered internal combustion engines, just as we have been for 100 years.

But a new material scienticians have developed might pave the way for nuclear-powered cars in the near future. The material takes nuclear decay and can convert it to electricity far more efficiently than ever before. Spacecraft have been using this type of “nuclear battery” for decades to propel them through space, but it’s never been effective enough for terrestrial use.

More tests are needed, but the nano-tech based polymers could be adapted to be more energy efficient, enough so that they could drive a standard-sized American car. And it would do so cleanly.

The scienticians say we’re still at least a decade out from utilizing the technology, but it’s entirely possible we can hang up the pumps by then.