Fav.or.it to bring all comments back to your blog

Fav.or.it, the RSS reader and commenting aggregator in private beta, has launched what it calls a “conversation tracker,” which aggregates all your comments from around the web in one place and allows you to track what conversations you have partaken in, whatever the platform.

As found Nic Halstead says on his blog:

Decentralization has meant many services now let you follow a whole range of feed content and often times comment on it. The problem? That conversation is wrapped around that particular service and not around the original content.

Fav.or.it is tapping into some powerful ideas floating around right now. ReadWriteWeb reckons the conversation has left the blogosphere and leading entrepreneurs like Loic Le Meur want the conversations back on his blog, which he owns, not DIgg/Twitter/ etc. FriendFeed is trying to do this, but it’s basically just another platform owned by someone else, not your blog.

Conversation Tracker will show what posts you have commented upon before and now have replies that you may want to respond to. To date, fav.or.it is still the only service out there that sends comments back to the source of the original content. Here’s a video:

fav.or.it Conversation Tracker from Nick Halstead on Vimeo.

The fav.or.it API is still continuing to be developed, allowing access to a fav.or.it’s core framework of sending comments to blogs. Conversation tracking wil be included in this second phase.

The API means you’d be able to integrate all comments into your own blog – that’s a powerful lure and not something any other service can match right now, assuming all goes well for its public launch.