Review: Falcon Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver


I’m not a PC gamer at all. I think the last game I played on a PC was my freshmen year in college when the Internet connection was blazing fast and everyone on my floor was into Unreal Tournament. Yeah, pretty sure that was the last I played a game on a PC. But there are millions of gamers out there and tons that are professional. I didn’t think about gaming peripherals until the Falcon Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver arrived at the CG office.

I pulled it out of the box and said, “WTF is this?!” Why do I want a bag for my keyboard? It took a couple minutes before I realized who this was aimed at. Now I completely understand the plight gamers go through when they don’t have their own equipment. Given that professional gamers bring their own rigs to competitions they should have an easier way to bring peripherals other than a box, right? I think that’s what the guys on MTV’s True Life: I’m a Professional Gamer did, but I could be wrong.

The Keyboard Quiver provides ample room for keyboard, mouse, headphones and anything else you need when you’re fragging away. The main external compartment is expandable, too. A nice feature some might not even notice is the ability to switch which way the bag “slings.” Check out the gallery to see what I mean. In what seems to be the norm these days with any backpack, the KQ comes with a PMP dedicated pouch at the top and grommet (what the hell are these things called on backpacks?) for headphones. What’s comical about this bag are the retention straps for a bottle of Dust-Off blower spray. Of course, you can probably find something else to strap in there, but it’s funny nonetheless. And there’s a pocket on the strap for your cell phone.

While the Keyboard Quiver isn’t really my thing since I don’t game, I can see the practicality of it for those who do game. It’s perfect for that upcoming competition or your next LAN party.