Nokia N810 WiMAX hands-on from 180 feet

Got a chance to play around with the WiMAX-enabled Nokia N810 that’ll be coming out soon. It’s basically the same deal as the currently-available N810 with the added convenience of being able to glom on to WiMAX networks.

Nokia had a “Sky Cafe” rigged up to a gigantic crane that hoisted what basically amounted to a metal platform with an island bar and seat-belted swivel chairs. Since there’s no actual WiMAX network set up in Vegas yet, the device was using a regular Wi-Fi connection. It’s still a fun device to play with and once WiMAX is more widespread, it could make a killer mobile internet doodad. Check out how fast it boots up (towards the end of the video). I have the old N770 and it takes quite a while to get going. The N810 is quite a bit nimbler.