Radiohead 'innovates' again, releases latest single in separate tracks for fan remixes


Radiohead wasn’t going to take upstart Trent Reznor’s sass much longer. The British band loved by everyone trying to look smart has made its third single off In Rainbows available as an instrument-by-instrument downloade—for remixing! Nobody wins anything for their troubles, except placement on the band’s site.

The band calls these separate tracks “stems” and charges you 99 cents for the privilege of downloading each one off iTunes. If you buy all five stems the band, magnanimously, will send you a Garageband file for easy remixing.

Sound familiar? It should! Reznor did a similar thing three years ago with one of the songs off With Teeth. Only Reznor didn’t charge you to download “stems” or any other pseudo-cutting-edge term.

via National Post