Top 5 Web April Fool's jokes so far today

Today, as you have probably noticed, is April Fool’s Day. It’s a grand holiday that celebrates nothing but the cruel ability of humans to trick other humans and to take pleasure in the deception. I love it.

Since the advent of the popular Internet there have been many, many April Fool’s jokes in Web format. Today is no exception. Here are five of the best ones today.


By far the best thing I’ve seen today is this totally straight, totally well produced video by the BBC. It shows the first footage ever recorded of penguins flying. Long considered a flightless bird, these special penguins take flight, though awkwardly.

Blizzard releases console version of WoW: Molten Core — for Atari

Picture 58

Played totally straight as well, Blizzard today announced that The Molten Core would be soon released for the Atari 2600, with other consoles to be supported in the future. “World of Warcraft: The Molten Core will include single-player and multiplayer versions, fully loaded with nine different shapes (and possibly colors) representing the current World of Warcraft character classes. A future expansion will introduce a tenth shape, representing the death knight hero class.”

Well played, Blizzard.

Google Book Search introduces scratch-n’-sniff option

homegordyGoogle Book Search announced today that, using special JavaScript custom built for their application, certain scratch-n’-sniff books can now be searched by odor, including The Cheese Companion and Gorillas in the Mist.

“Smellevision” jokes are old, so this one kinda stinks (ha! ha!), but they get points for making an April Fool’s joke about digital books. Could you imagine how this technology would work with porn?

No, don’t.

Google and Virgin plan Virgle: New community on Mars

logoGoogle also announced a partnership with Virgin Galactic to create a permanent colony on Mars with their founders’ vast fortunes. If only this were true. Alas!

You can still sign up to be a Virgle Pioneer if you want to. Maybe if these guys decide they have enough dupes, they’ll do it for real? I would so totally go to Mars forever. First blogger on Mars would be so post-modern, yah?

NASA releases photo of liquid water on Mars

Speaking of Mars, NASA today released a stunning photo of liquid water on Mars, something that points to the possibility of life on the red planet. Or at least at the 7-11 down the street.

And yes, I know about Google Custom Time, but I thought it was dumb.