Video: IGN makes the most of April Fools, has terribly funny Wii parody video

Oh boy, those tricksters at IGN sure know how to milk a stupid holiday (that is, holy day) for all it’s worth! Up next, an explanation on what makes 8.4 different from an 8.5!

This is a “leaked” copy of an Xbox 360 “ad” that’s set to “debut” later this month. In it, we see some folks playing Xbox 360 much in the same way as like-minded folks play Wii in those commercials.

As dumb as this is, and it’s very dumb, mind you, it’s not as bad as those “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” ads I’ve been seeing online and on billboards here in New York—and that’s a real marketing campaign! Pretty sure viral marketing peaked, then stopped being relevant altogether, with Microsoft’s own “I love bees.”

In other news, Cristiano Ronaldo just scored his 800th goal for Manchester United this term, much to the surprise of those who thought he had accomplished that same feat last September. ($1 to the Guardian’s Fiver for that last sentence.)