Flash concept cellphone has built-in projector (for projecting images onto random people!)


While Peter and Doug are at CTIA in Las Vegas bringing you the latest news and photos of quote-unquote real cellphones, I can do no less than point you in the direction of the Flash, a mighty fine concept brought to us by Peter Zsoit Koren. (I think Flash is the name, not too sure.) Like, what, all of the phones at this year’s CTIA, it’s got a touchscreen and sorta widescreen display. It does do one thing I’m pretty sure not even iPhone 2.0 can do.


Built into the phone is a projector. With this, you can shine (flash?) all sorts of things onto passersby. In the render above, we see a happy face making an unwanted appearance; frowny faces and other symbols, presumably, could be programmed as well. Actually, they can—you can even take a picture of something and then project it onto something else. The future!

Actually, not a bad looking phone. Not real in the truest sense of the word, but fun to look at for a minute.

via Yanko Design