Hands-on with the Qualcomm 'Pocketable Computing Device' prototype

Did a little fondling of a prototype device from Qualcomm that’ll be hitting the market soon at under $300. It’s basically a super beefed-up Windows Mobile machine similar in size to the Nokia N810 (and with a QWERTY keyboard to match). The big feature is the 1GHz processor that it’ll have and its ability to play HD movies.

Devices like this will be here the second half of this year. Hit the jump for more specs.

Form Factor
• Pocket-sized communication, entertainment and navigation device
• Day long battery life

Ubiquitous Connectivity
• Seamless connectivity through WWAN, Wi-Fi  and/or Bluetooth technology

Productivity and Internet
• All in one light weight pocket size device — phone, GPS, browsing, connectivity, Mobile TV
• View and edit spreadsheets, documents, movies, maps, etc.
• Stay “connected” to social networks, IM, video and chat
• Integrated camera and video

Content and Location Services
• Built in GPS provides “personalized” location-based content
• Allows viewing of streaming and locally stored high definition (HD) content Target Market
• Consumer—Mature & young adults, tech savvy