Nearly Half of U.S. Consumers Don’t Know if they have Mobile TV

QuickPlay Media released the results of a national survey that measured interest in mobile TV and video content. The survey found that 47% of consumers don’t know whether or not their carrier offers such services. It seems as though service providers aren’t getting the word out about the wonders of mobile TV and video.

“Mobile operators have done an excellent job addressing the cost concerns of consumers with the launch of ‘all you can eat’ data plans. Now, with the growing availability of advanced mobile devices, higher speed networks and high-quality mobile TV and services, carriers have a further opportunity to drive service adoption by increasing marketing promotion of mobile media services,” said Wayne Purboo, president and CEO of QuickPlay Media.

Those of us who do use mobile TV and video, it looks as though we only do so in small chunks. The survey shows that 71% of users have a preference for mobile “snacking” as opposed to digesting an entire mobile meal in one sitting. The ability to stop a feed and pick it up at a later time is an important feature to video snackers. The cost of such services is also an important factor, with many people preferring ad-supported TV and video.

“What we see with this survey is consistent with the experiences of our customers —there is a real interest in watching mobile TV and video content as long as content is available in ‘bite size pieces,’” said Wayne Purboo, president and CEO of QuickPlay Media. “It is also evident that while the ‘all you can eat’ model is becoming more common, some consumers would prefer an ad-supported model that does not add to the bottom line of their monthly statement. As a result, we expect to see carriers offering a wider variety of billing models to meet market demands and drive service adoption.”

Full survey results can be downloaded at or by contacting Doug Fraim at fama PR at 617-758-4176 or via email at