Rock Band drum cozies!

rock band drum cozies

Dear downstairs neighbor,

I know you loathe me for always having my obnoxious, beer-spilling, loser friends over to play Rock Band with late at night, and I’m sorry it’s so loud. I’ve tried padding the kick pedal and putting carpet under the drum kit, but you can still hear every whack of the sticks.

I could blame Ogre and his bulging biceps, but it’s just a loud game.

Fortunately I’ve run across these clever crocheted drum heads for the game that promise to make it a quieter experience for both of us. They’re only $40, and that’s a good price for your peace of mind, and mine.

I’ll try to get them by next weekend for the Van Halen guitar-off I’m planning, but I still don’t have a plan to muffle the Lee Roth-style kicks. I’ll come up with something.