Comcast's new 50mbps option is quick n' expensive

Those crazy Comcast folks. What will they think of next? They’re offering a screaming fast internet connection, aimed at small businesses and, I’m assuming, rich individuals. That’s six times faster than their previously fastest option. They say

“At 50 million bits per second, a 4-gigabyte Hollywood movie can be downloaded from the Internet in less than 10 minutes.”

Kind of a strange way for a legitimate business to go about selling their product. “Loads the Pirate Bay on their new Egypt servers 10 times as fast!” “Downloads the new leaked Nickelback album in less than 30 seconds!”

Anyway, the service is useless to me because although I signed up for their ~$40 internet-only cable option, they’ve got me a on a trial thing where I’m currently getting 30mbps on it. Yeah, 30. Comcast has me beat with the 5mbit upload on this new deal, though. Of course, the only things which get even close to maxing out the speed are torrents, but I wouldn’t know anything about those of course.