CrunchArcade: BitTorrent downloads show Final Fantasy Crisis Core most popular game


On a very popular, very exclusive, cat-themed video game BitTorrent tracker, Final Fantasy Crisis Core is the number one downloaded game. I bring this up for several reasons. One, BitTorrent downloads are a decent method to determine a game’s popularity among hardcore gamers. I know, or at least think, because my most hardcore gaming days coincided with rampant piracy. DreamCast, Xbox1, you name it. Two, the PSP wasn’t doing too hot for a while there (especially because of the success of the Nintendo DS) and FF:CC was widely regarded as one of the portable system’s killer apps. That and the new God of War, which is the number three most downloaded game.

Scientific? Absolutely not. In fact, it’s antithetical to science. But, it puts the game’s success into a unique perspective.