Radio engineers wanted

I’m doing an interview with Griffin next week about their ClearBoost case, discussing the merits of putting a piece of metal near your phone to boost the signal. I’m looking for a certified and impartial electrical engineer to sit in on the call to confirm the claims Griffin is making. I’m sure Griffin means well, but this topic has been rehashed over and over again and I’m loathe to admit that some strange improvement in technology is boosting 1900 Mhz gamma rays emitting from the AT&T enabled iPhone. If you’d like to participate, please email me at john @ crunchgear dot com or fill out the form after the jump.

UPDATE – Just got this:

i saw your post. back in the days of those sticker you put on your battery covers to “improve reception”. what those metal sticker (and this griffin case) actually do is degrade performance. the idea is that if radio performance was affected just enough, your phone would automaticaly increase the power supplied to the antenna, improving performance. which is true to a very small degree, but of course then you drain your battery quicker without any significant benefits.