Intel to release anti-theft technology in Q4

hamburgler Intel’s upcoming anti-theft technology will be released later this year and will be called “Intel Anti-Theft Technology”. Clever, no? There aren’t a whole lot of details beyond the mind-blowing name except that, according to a recent presentation (PDF) by Dadi Perlmutter, VP of Intel’s mobility group, it’ll “basically lock the system, lock the disk, so people cannot be maliciously using and getting the data.”

It appears that the technology allows the computer to be locked down once it’s been stolen, so it seems that it may be locked once it’s found a wireless signal or some other way to connect to the internet. Either that or maybe it needs to “check in” once in awhile or maybe it doesn’t work outside of a certain range of acceptable usage zones. Intel will release more details as we get closer to the fourth quarter.