Mistsubishi brands Laser TV, LaserVue

Remember the Laser TV from Mitsubishi that was unveiled at CES? Well, Mitsu finally dated and named the new fangled TV this morning. The LaserVue will launch Q3, but still no word on pricing. Along with news of the LaserVue, Mitsu announced a slew of new 1080p DLP HDTVs ranging in size from 60- to 73-inches dubbed Diamond. The Diamond series features 120Hz, something called Dark Detailer for high contrast images and Blue Light Accent. These DLP sets will be available this month.

WD-60735 – $1,799
WD-65736 – $2,499
Diamond WD-73835 – $4,699
WD-65735 – $2,199
WD-73736 – $3,599
WD-73735 – $3,199
Diamond WD-65835 – $3,399

But wait. There’s more.

Thin is in, after all, so there will be seven new Ultra Thin Frame 1080p LCD sets ranging from 40- to 52-inch. These, too, will be 120Hz for silky smooth images.

LT-40148 – $2,499
LT-52148 – $3,599
Diamond LT-52246 – $4,499
LT-46148 – $2,999
LT-52149 – $4,099
LT-46149 – $3,499
Diamond LT-46246 – $3,799