MTV: Wii-like controller coming to Xbox 360 for Xmas

exclusive1SIXAXIS is cool, but the Wiimote is by far the most revolutionary video game controller of this current generation of consoles. The Xbox team knows this, and MTV has it on very good, solid word that Microsoft has been developing its own version of a motion-sensitive controller for almost a year.

It’s not a regular Xbox controller with motion tracking, but a more Wiimote-like controller meant to be held with one hand.

According to a sketch MTV got, it also has a speaker at the top and a mic at the bottom, meaning it could conceivably be used as a VoIP phone.

The plans aren’t just for realistic golf and tennis games, Xbox wants the controller for FPS games where it would act like a real gun. The controller has an analog joystick, so strafing is intact.

It sounds pretty awesome if it’s true, and we can look for it this Xmas.