The President's iPod violates RIAA's idea of copyright

PH2005121600514The Prez has Beatles songs on his iPod, showing he’s at least connected to the real world in some way. The problem is, iTunes still haven’t sold any Beatles songs, meaning he (or someone else) ripped them from a CD. The RIAA, governors of all things audio, say this is a big no-no, and not fair use.

While the RIAA isn’t likely going to sue the Prez it further puts them in a bad light. The RIAA wants to use you like an ATM, and that’s not right.

Keep in mind, it’s currently legal to rip songs from CDs you own, despite what the RIAA says, but if the RIAA gets its way in a future court case, the Prez would be breaking the law, and it could bring the inane argument the RIAA makes to the national stage.