Cloudtrade Launches New Mobile Sharing Platform

Cloudtrade is looking to register 10,000 people to help test its new mobile sharing platform. Testers will look for kinks and share their thoughts with the developers on how best to improve the service. The beta test supports all Windows-based mobile phones and a select group of Blackberry and non-Windows smart phones.

The free, ad-supported social media networking application features 1GB of free digital storage. Features like Cloud Hop, Search the Skies, Ski Writing and Friend’s Feeds enable users to find new content. Users can find music, photos and videos to share with friends via their cell phone.

Cloudtrade is currently working with major music labels so content can legally be downloaded and shared with friends. Until those deals are made, users can sample music from smaller labels and independent artists.

“People are demanding media-rich content for their phones,” said Raj Kanapur, CEO of Cloudtrade. “Cloudtrade’s ad-supported model gives users free access to this type of content and encourages them to form a community around preferences in music, photos and videos. Our platform also empowers users by giving them the ability to market their content – I tell people, if you’re interested in pictures of animals, here are 30 other users who share that interest. Now reach out to those people on Cloudtrade, begin sharing, and start earning rewards.”

If you are interested in helping to beta test Cloudtrade’s new application, go to and get your own 1-gigabyte Cloud to store your digital content to share with friends.