Sony claims world's first digital noise cancelling headphones

MDR NC500D 005 02TL   Mock up

Writing up a world’s first for anyone other than Samsung seems rather strange, but Sony seems keen on their digital noise cancelling headphones that block out 99 percent of ambient noise. That’s quite a bit of ambient noise if you ask me. The MDR-NC500D are the first headphones to use digital technology with AI to give users the best possible audio quality.

Like previous noise cancelling headphones/buds from Sony the NC500Ds come with a monitor switch for the brief period of time when you need to tell the stewardess to bring you more booze. That whole AI thing I just mentioned, yeah, there’s an AI Mode button that’s supposed to pick from three cancellation modes for you, but I doubt it works properly. (Check out Doug’s review here.) The rechargeable battery should last up to 15 hours or you can drop in some AA batteries. Sony says it’s available on their Euro online store, but I don’t see them so I don’t know how much they are.

MDR NC500D 001 02TL   Mock up