Latest iPhone dev kit reveals 3G chipset

countyggg 1

Did you hear about the iPhone fiasco? Seems the latest dev firmware beta (well, latest until yesterday) expired yesterday, leaving developers with no way to program for a little while. Worse still, if a developer had installed the firmware on their main phone, they were left with a nice brick on their hands. A new firmware was released yesterday, though, so that’s no longer a problem.

However! Nestled deep in the code of that just-released firmware is one big 3G iPhone hint. (As if we didn’t have enough 3G rumors to play with.) There’s reference to SGOLD3, a 3G Infineon chipset that handles data processing. The chipset currently in the iPhone, the SGOLD2, only works with EDGE, as everyone in the Internet has already complained about.

It’s worth nothing that that SGOLD3 doesn’t support HSUPA, which supports faster uploads than plain ol’ 3G.

Wow, 3G. Cool. Now let’s do something interesting.