Nsyght launches public beta for social search

Now in public Beta, I covered Nsyght back in October when it was still in early Alpha. This tiny boostrapped startup from West London wants to take your bookmarks and social network and use that to create more relevant search results. The idea is that, over time,a user will have a totally custom-built search index specific to them and their tastes.

Notional competitors in this space might include Search Wikia
Rollyo and Eureskster.

The site features ‘Social Network Portability’ (xfn+hcard) support, so users can import their profile and friends data from digg, last.fm, twitter, and pownce. Users can also export their existing bookmarks from del.icio.us or ma.gnolia, as well as sync their Nsyght bookmarks back to a del.icio.us account.

The new public beta has a cleaner, Google-esque interface and a number of new features. Tag support for creating on-the-fly search verticals (ie show me sites for my query that use this particular tag). It integrates with the new Clickpass service, created by former London dotcommer Peter Nixey (now in the Valley). The site now supports Simpy protocol along with del.icio.us and ma.gnolia. Tagclouds and user clouds make it easy to find information and friends with similar interests. And going forward they plan a Facebook application which will integrate with the site.

I’d say this is still a site for geeks/early adopters, but definitely one to watch. Plus I’d also lke them to search my Twitter social net as well – now THAT would be really useful.