Universal Roaming SIMcard from Adepto Telecom

Travelers who frequently cross national boarders have to deal with a myriad of costs when using their cell phones. Costs for making and receiving calls can vary greatly between boarders. Adepto Telecom announced a Pay As You Go service that allows customers to use their mobile phone when they are abroad without incurring roaming, calling or texting charges. The One SIMcard system works in 180 countries and allows free incoming calls in 146 countries.

Founder and Chief Executive of Adepto Telecom Mr. Ismayil Tahmazov said: “This is really a great service, imagine you can have one SIM card with UK, Estonian or Icelandic number and receive free incoming calls in 146 countries, free texts in all 180 countries and make really cheap outgoing calls. Alternatively you can give this SIM to your friend or family abroad and call them for free using your inclusive minutes”.

Technical Advisor at GSM Mobile World Mr. Erkan Bulat said: “If you are a frequent international traveler and do not want to play “disc jockey” with several pay as you go SIM cards, then Adepto Telecom’s global roaming SIM card is an ideal solution to make low cost calls and to receive calls for free when travelling with a mobile phone”.

Adepto Telecom
Universal Roaming SIMcard