AirPatrol’s WiVision Enterprise Sniffs out Cell Phones

The cell phone is a wonderful piece of technology that makes life more convenient and productive. But with the good comes the bad. Mobile phones can be misused by criminals and terrorists to commit crimes. Vital information that is meant to remain confidential can be high jacked by an in intrusive cell phone left on to overhear sensitive conversations. A mobile phone’s camera can take pictures of protected information. And terrorist can use a cell phone to detonate a bomb.

To combat these problems, AirPatrol has launched an advanced cell phone detection and location solution to help businesses and governments protect against the threats posed by the use of cell phones for fraud, crime and interference with business operations. AirPatrol’s WiVision Enterprise cell phone detection product detects and locates all cell phone devices on any cellular band worldwide to enforce no-wireless zones in areas where mobile phone usage puts business, data or people at risk.

AirPatrol is able to detect and locate both Wi-Fi and broadband radio devices. This helps mitigate security risks posed by wireless laptops and other Wi-Fi devices.

“In the last few years, the sophistication of cell phone technology has increased dramatically– the implications of these new, hybrid phones in the hands of millions of people has huge security and regulation implications for many industries,” said Nicholas Miller, CEO of AirPatrol. “AirPatrol’s cell phone detection product turns the tables on criminals and would-be criminals by providing a highly reliable and sophisticated solution for detecting, and more importantly, locating the devices they rely on to perpetrate their crimes.”

AirPatrol works both indoors and outdoors. It is able to detect a cell phone before a call is made and is capable of detecting all SMS messages.