David Blaine's going to make the continents magically reunite?

david blaine times square
I periodically check a Blaine fan blog to see if he’s performed any magical madness lately. He hasn’t, but the blogger writes that Blaine is supporting Pangea Day. My first question is what the heck is Pangea Day? Second, how’s he gonna make the 300 million year old puzzle of a landmass fit together? I’ve seen the guy. He’s wiry.

For the magically uninclined, Pangea Day is a global day of films, music and speakers that will be held simultaneously in cities around the world on May 10, 2008. It’s award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jehane Noujaim of Control Room and Startup.com fame’s brainchild after winning the 2006 TED prize. The list of supporters reads like a who’s who of social, political, technical and entertainment types, but what I thought was interesting is Nokia. Remember, this is CrunchGear.

Nokia is inviting the globe to enter the 2008 Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards competition. You can shoot and upload your short videos to Share on Ovi to be considered for inclusion in the broadcast. Pretty cool. The winner receives a trip to LA for the event and “a mobile film making trip of a lifetime and a production budget to record the trip.” Isn’t that slightly subjective? I mean, what if my mobile film making trip of a lifetime involved midgets, goats and ninjas? Can David Blaine make that magic happen?