Sweet arcade stick for the Wii – time to get your Samurai Shodown on!

Having trouble with that →↓↘SHORYUKEN? We all have these problems now and again, usually because of the fact that almost every arcade game gets played with a joystick, then gets ported to your SNES or whatever and you have to use a weak little D-pad. Nobody every won a Street Fighter competition with a D-pad, and it’s so much easier to play stuff like Metal Slug in the arcade with the big joystick and buttons set out like that. This NEO GEO arcade stick looks pretty good although the button configuration is a little weird. You can get them at Play-Asia for about 60 bucks. When I pick up a Wii, I’m definitely grabbing one of these (not one of these).

Man, how awesome was the NEO GEO? I can’t get over it.
[via Technabob]