Samsung designing full-frame CMOS sensor for Pentax, Samsung DLSRs

samsung gx 20 dslr
Photo of the GX-20
Barney Britton of Amateur Photographer is reporting out of Seoul, Korea that Samsung is actively working on the development of a full-frame CMOS sensor to be implemented into DSLRs. This is amazing for two reasons: 1) A full-frame sensor is what, I think, old-school film photographers are waiting for so they can switch to digital 2) It will be a Pentax lens mount, which means my 50mm and 28mm will be kickass and that means Pentax DSLRs will inherit the full-frame sensor since Samsung sensors are already being used in Pentax DSLRs. Unfortunately, it’s only in the design stage and Samsung is tight lipped about whether or not this will become a reality.