VUDU updating interface next week

vudu ui

The folks at VUDU sent this over. Sometime next week VUDU’s UI will get an overhaul to make the search for movies and TV shows much easier than it is now. They’re also making changes based on what we, reviewers/reporters, have been mouthing off about. I’ve only had a couple weeks to tinker with mine so I haven’t really noticed anything yet. Look for a review in the coming weeks. More details on the UI if you choose to keep reading.

• View percentage of title downloaded. You may now monitor the status of movies or TV shows downloading onto your box. Once a title is rented or purchased, its Movie Details or Episode Details screen will display what percentage has downloaded—you’ll see “Ready to watch | x% downloaded” at the bottom of the screen. This feature is helpful should you wish to make sure a download or downloads are complete before disconnecting and traveling with the box.

• View bandwidth usage. This update allows you to view VUDU’s current usage of your bandwidth. To locate this feature, visit Info & Settings, select Service Quality, and select Set Bandwidth Limit. Please note that “Set Bandwidth Limit” was previously called “Change Speed Limit.”