Patria o muerte: Cubans now buying cellphones (if they can afford them)

How fun does Cuba look? I’d visit it in a second.

Cubans can now buy cellphones! That means they’re well on their way to becoming a member of the international community of nations, right? Baby steps.

Yup, starting today, everyday Cubans can purchase cellphones from the state-owned wireless provider. The cellphones are said to be restriction-free, as they’re able to make international calls just fine. Unfortunately, Reuters reports, the phones cost the equivalent of nine months of wages. So, either their phones are really expensive, or Cubans are able to live on a very small income. My guess, having only studied the country sporadically, is that the latter is true.

It’s all part of Raúl Castro’s plan to ease some of the restrictions placed upon the Cuban people by his brother Fidel. You may have heard of him. Cubans started buying DVD players last month, for example.

Sounds like a hell of an opportunity to sell hot ringtonezzz, though.