Two new phones coming from E-TEN


E-TEN — now part of the Acer family!!! — is coming out with two new phones. Wanna know when? Me too, buddy. We’ll find out soon enough.

One will be called the M810 and one will be called the M750. The M810 will leverage the wonderment that is HSDPA technology, while the M750 will utilize the same technology as the too-cool-for-school one-word name of the lead guitarist for one of my least favorite bands of all time — EDGE.

Both will feature pleasant-looking QWERTYUIOP keyboards (I’m using the full top row of keyboard letters in all posts from this day forward), 500MHz processors, two-megapixel cameras, and 2.8-inch 320×240 touchscreens. All this according to Gordon Kelly at, whom I trust. Again, prices and dates are unknown.