Awesome: Hobbyist builds possible cancer-curing machine in his garage


We all have hobbies. I like to take photos of my friends getting drunk and looking good. I also play Xbox. Many people, though, tinker in their garages, these endeavors bringing us The Clapper, Rollerblades, and many things you see on late-night infomercials.

Or you could cure cancer, as John Kanzius is doing now. Kanzius has developed a machine that uses radio waves and nanoparticles to destroy cancer cells in a way that leaves the surround tissue spotless. That means cancer treatment with zero side effects.

The treatment is remarkable in that many scientists are saying it’s the most exciting treatment they’ve seen in twenty years, and because Kanzius isn’t a scientist, he’s a radio hobbyist.

The way the therapy works is twofold. First, the patient is injected with a swarm of metallic nanomachines formed to bond to cancerous cells but not normal cells. This saturates the tumors with metal. Then, concentrated radio waves are directed at the tumors. The metal reacts to the radio waves, causing the cells of the tumor to die and fall apart, destroying the tumor.

Because the metallic nanomachines only bond with the tumorous tissue, the surrounding tissue is unaffected by the radio waves, meaning no pain and no side effects.

Kanzius and his team are still in the animal testing phase, but things are looking promising. For a recent CBS news article, they treated a cancerous tumor in a lab rabbit. It was fast and painless.

It sounds too good to be true, but the cure for cancer may have been invented by a guy in his garage, and it’s rather amazing. If this cure works, it means we can all start smoking again, right?