Apple hasn't sued Psystar yet, but is it in the works?

psystarWe posted earlier about Psystar, the Florida-based PC retailer selling a Mac clone that runs Leopard, which Apple can’t be too happy about. So far, Apple hasn’t taken any legal action against Psystar that we know of, however it might not be able to do much in the end.

Wired talked to patent attorney Raj Abhyanker, who says that all Psystar is doing is violating Leopard’s EULA, a breach of contract that’s hard to litigate.

Does that mean that Apple’s going to sit back and let the company keep selling Leopard-enabled PCs? Probably not. If there’s one thing Apple’s known for it’s for having lawyers with sharp teeth and a hungry appetite.

We’re gearing up for an interview with the president of Psystar, a company many say doesn’t exist, so stay tuned for some interesting information.