BedFan perfect for hot sleepers


Everybody knows someone who sweats out every last drop of salty goodness during the night. Hey, that person might be you! It’s not me, but I know a few people who could benefit from this gadget. These are the same people who sleep with the ceiling fan on in the winter and an extra oscillating fan plus an in-window A/C unit in the summer. Again, this might be you!

Enter the BedFan, a $100 contraption that attaches to the end of your bed and blows cold air in between your sheets. As the manufacturer says, “Menopausal women will kill for this!” Although I think if you asked a menopausal woman, irrational and agitated though she may be, she’d probably tell you that the trade-off of going to prison and the weight on the soul of having killed another human being for a $100 fan might not be a trade-off worth pursuing. That’s just me, though; a non-menopausal man.

Here’s more info and an ultra-scientific image…

“As your body generates heat, that heat is trapped at night between your sheets and absorbed into your mattress. Until now, the only way to get rid of the heat was kick off the sheet and turn the air conditioner up high, to cool down the whole room – or your whole house. But Bed Fan gets right to the focal point of the problem. Placed at the foot of the bed, Bed Fan sends a calm breeze directly between your sheets. The cool breeze travels between your top sheet and bottom sheet and bathes sleepers in a stream of cool, comforting air. And it keeps you cool by pushing out the body heat that gets trapped beneath the covers, causing you to sweat.”

Seems like it might work. Would any of you bed-sweaters use this thing?


BedFan Product Page [] via RedFerret