CrunchArcade: (Call) Sony's PLAYSTATION Network's future so bright (Response) How bright is it?


One of the marketing higher-ups at Sony just posted a manifesto of sorts on the company’s official blog. He stresses what more than a few people have theorized, that 2008 will be the breakout year for the PS3. The other way to look at that is that it was a total bust beforehand, but whatever.

The highlights:

— Lots of halfway decent, exclusive games this year, including MGS 4 and Little Big Planet

— Some sort of expansion into digital media delivery

PLAYSTATION Network cards available by the end of the year

Big things!

Also, anyone else notice Sony’s insistence on capitalizing all the letters in the word “PlayStation” when used in conjunction with their online store. PLAYSTATION, then, just like a Japanese heel pro wrestler. (How obscure is that?)