Verizon Wireless XV6900 (HTC Touch) now available

vx6900 The HTC Touch is now available through Verizon Wireless, although it’s called the XV6900 which we can all agree sounds much, much cooler.

It’ll set you back $299 for the device itself and then you’ll enjoy paying at least $80 per month for data service and 450 anytime minutes, which you might find to be an absurd amount for voice and data service. I know I do. Oh, you can also use your new XV6900 as a modem for your laptop. That’s another $15 per month. Oh, and only for 5GB of data. After that you’ll pay 49 cents per megabyte in overage charges.

But hey, someone’s gotta pay the hundreds and hundreds of “actors” union wages to follow the Verizon Guy around in all those commercials.

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