Women more likely to give passwords for chocolate? Yeah, but did they offer the men guilt-free sex?

Ok, so I have taken the bait, but I am slightly stunned by today’s “PR masquerading as a legitimate survey” from Infosecurity Europe that says women are four times more likely than men to give out their passwords in exchange for chocolate.

Now, let’s try to not go into the whole caricatured, stupid “debate” about women supposedly doing anything for chocolate. What I am more interested in is the fact that when they offered these 576 office workers the chance to win a Eurostar ticket to Paris 60% of men and 62% of women gave them their date of birth, name and phone number. In other words there was only 2% in it, which rather dents the whole women/password argument. Perhaps they should have offered the guys guilt-free sex and seen what answers they got? (Or maybe I have been sucked into another stereotypical vortex? Damn!)