HDTV's cost 60% more in South Korea, but not for long


You’d think in South Korea, with their 4G networks WiBRO, ExTCY, and other next-gen technologies that they’d have affordable HDTVs. They don’t.

The problem is SK is a fairly small market when compared to the US. The TVs are essentially the same as the ones we have here, but they have to be Korean-ized, meaning new software, labels, and other things just for the Korean market.

A Sony TV that retails here for $2,200 would cost $3,535 in South Korea, a steep hike for Korea-ization, but there are also taxes and tariffs. Still, the $1,335 difference seems a bit outrageous, and Chosun has word that Sony is planning to start a price war in South Korea, which is good news for Koreans, but not so great for Sony’s competitors.