Apple, Orange looking to lower iPhone price to spur sales in France


Word on the street is that Apple and Orange (oh dear!) are negotiating an iPhone price cut. The French wireless provider wants to rework its contract with Apple so that it gets a bigger cut of iPhone sales. Simultaneously, Apple wants Orange to subsidize the phone more in order to boost sales.

A machine translation of the original report (from Les Echos) shows that the iPhone hasn’t done too well in Europe. Apple’s sold 100,000 in France (which contradicts Orange’s previous “it’s doing great!” statements); in Germany, 70,000 and in the UK, 200,000. And Apple wants to sell 10 million worldwide by the end of the year?

I’m curious to see what our Euroreaders have to say about the iPhone’s performance there. Here in the US, it was a status symbol for a while, but now it’s sorta just, “Oh, neat an iPhone. Let’s go to Biggs’ house and eat all his food. ”

via iLounge