mm Wave technology at JFK

Listen: I’m all for safety and security, but I’d rather have some burly man touch my junk than have some burly man in another room look at my junk using X-Ray vision. Millimeter wave technology can “see” through clothing at the skin and danglies underneath and, presumably at the knives I’m hiding on my leg. At JFK, where the technology is being implemented, the image goes to someone far away in a dark room where that special someone gets to see hundreds of boobies daily. I’m concerned about two things: blackmail and illicit masturbation. I assure they’ll have at least once case of a TSA officer getting off on X-ray pictures of passengers and that the images will appear somewhere, at some point, once the technology gets good enough. So come on, Mr. TSA man: let’s both be uncomfortable for a few seconds rather than let someone in a room far away be very comfortable. The human touch is important in security and this will just encourage attackers to clench a knife in their ample butt cheeks and get a wave down rather than have Maurice find the knife in their crack during a pat-down.