What.cd's Gazelle released: Beta brings the thunder


BitTorrent tracker What.cd launched Gazelle last night (beta), effecting a complete re-launch of sorta. There’s a new site design (though still with the familiar wood theme) and some new features. One of them, Paranoia, lets users set how much info is available to other users of the site. Things like recently snatched torrents, current seeding/leeching and other stats can now be regulated. There’s tags, wikis, related artists, etc.

The site itself seems to be having some issues right now. Search is hit or miss, for example.

Overall, and keeping in mind that team is still working out the bugs—it’s still beta, after all—not a bad update. Right now, What.cd’s looking better than Waffles.

Again, I don’t have any invites. It’s very hard to seed on Time Warner, what with my 60KB/s max upload speed on BitTorrent . To think I’m paying for that.