T-Mobile cares about the Earth, wants you to opt for paperless billing

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How serendipitous that T-Mobile has notified us of their plans to go green. You’ll find out why very soon. T-Mobile has joined with The Arbor Day Foundation to plant a minimum of 150,000 trees on behalf of T-Mobile customers who opt for paperless billing. Said trees will be planted in Southern California and New Orleans where Mother Earth is struggling to get things back in order after some rough patches.

To join in on the green fun just sign into my.t-mobile.com/plantatree between now and April 25th to have a tree planted in your honor when you sign up for paperless billing. If you’re already on the path to enlightenment by having opted for paperless long ago then you only need to confirm your want of a tree being planted for you. You can also go green with T-Mobile by signing up for EasyPay and e-mail newsletters.