WebMission Day 1: The flight

So, the WebMission trip to take 20 startups to visit Silicon Valley got off to a flying start. All 29 of our party turned up on time for the flight, which took off on time as planned. Astounding.

The ten hour flight to San Francisco was notable only for the vaguely 1970s feel of the 747, helped by those overhead TV screens which have seen better days. But moving around to avoid deep vein thrombosis was a great excuses to chat to fellow WebMissioners (more info on them from CrunchBase).

Browsing through the on-board “Sky Mall” catalogue reminded us that America is the innovative land of the gadget, where you can get a custom made insole kit (whatever that is) or an inflatable screen for projecting movies in your garden. Useful.

Tonight we step out for ‘open invite‘ drinks at the Clift Hotel to meet other US startups and investors. Or at least, that’s the plan…

Update: Here’s Oli Barretts take on things so far.