Yahoo Offers Limited Release Of BrowserPlus

browserplus.jpgYahoo has offered a limited release of Yahoo BrowserPlus, a software distribution framework that allows device developers to bridge the browser programming environment to any component.

Skylar Woodward explains:

Some time ago we created a platform team to focus on device software at Yahoo! and this is what has emerged amidst the quickly shifting strategy of the mothership. The 1.0 release of BrowserPlus is intended only for use by Yahoo! sites to enhance customer experiences; however, in the coming months, developers might expect the ability to use components on their own sites. (If you’re interested in this, send us feedback). In the meantime, you can hack the framework on your own system after you’ve installed it to start experimenting. You can experience BrowserPlus currently through the PhotoDropper module on Mash, though direct installs are available for mac or pc.

Ajaxian notes that there were rumors of a Yahoo Gears style project that was cancelled, but BrowserPlus seems to be the fruit of that project. Details so far a fairly light, but competition in this space provided by Yahoo will hopefully fire increased development from competing services as well.