Fix8 Lets Users Join The Presidential Primaries

Computer generated animation provider Fix8 has joined the US President Primaries season with the addition of Candidate avatars (video example above).

The limited-time free software allows users to become their favorite or least favorite candidates and debate each other live via video chat. Users can also create and post Fix8 videos across all the leading social networks as well as video sharing and comedy sites.

We’ve covered Fix8 several times before; the service allows users to “spice up video chat” on IM services including AIM, MSN, Skype and Yahoo and videos can also be shared on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other video hosting sites. The company has taken $5 million over two rounds.

They provided the following screenshot for use on TechCrunch and…well….I’m not sure whether it’s clever or a little scary. You can test it for yourself a, no Mac version yet but they promise me they’re working on it.