MSI to enter tiny laptop arena with the 'Wind'


Just to reiterate how I feel about June, 2008 one more time; it’s gonna be sweet. That’s the month that tiny Eee-like notebooks will be coming out of the woodwork from manufacturers the world over. Now MSI joins the party with the “Wind,” a 2.2-pound notebook that comes in 8.9-inch or 10-inch flavors at 1024×600 resolution, 80GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, Windows XP, and — get this — seven hours of battery life. I’ll believe that when I see it (I’d love to see it, too).

It’ll hit Europe in June for between €299 and €699 (about $471 to $1100), depending on the configuration. Not sure if we’ll see it here in the US, unfortunately.

via Pocket-lint