To test Facebook ads, man poses as woman, declares social ads broken


So some guy complained aloud that the only ads he sees on Facebook are sexual in nature. Meet hot, out-of-work singles in your area… today! That sort of thing. Rather than ignore the ads like a normal person, he said to himself, “Aha! This illustrates just how broken social advertising is. All they can sell me, a single man, is sex? What are they, crazy?” Apparently so, yes. Upon changing his sex from male to female within his Facebook profile, he started seeing other, non-sexual ads. Lose weight now, thunder thighs. How to cook the meal of your man’s dreams. Girly stuff.

Since day 1 with Facebook, I’ve been shocked at how poor the ad quality is… Do you seriously mean to tell me that all they can sell for a man is sex ads? Facebook knows more about me than many of my friends do, and should be able to easily provide ads that benefit me…

Yes, I, too, am shocked at the quality of Facebook’s ads. Oh, wait, no I’m not since I ignore them altogether. Not having any stake in Facebook whatsoever, and I do get the feeling that its popularity may have peeked, I don’t particularly care if they figure out a way to monetize it.

“But I do know that Facebook is wasting super cheap CPM ads on me for dating services while there are so many other types of ads that I might actually be interested in.”

Apparently this man looks forward to seeing ads. That, I think, is a little strange.