Miyamoto: Wii fit great for us fatties, hasn't killed anyone yet

Shigeru Miyamoto told MTV News that there have been very few incidents of people being hurt by the Wii Fit and that the platform will help stem the rising tide of obesity in the United States. Har har.

Actually, Miyamoto is pretty defeatist, saying that he knows the Fit won’t keep anyone slim:

I think what’s more important, though, is that rather than trying to have people try to exercise on “Wii Fit” every day, is the role that “Wii Fit” plays in trying to make people simply more aware of their own weight, their own health and their overall wellness. In that sense, I think “Wii Fit” does play a very important role and that even just by simply checking your body-mass index or your weight, even if you’re not checking on a daily basis, it really does help improve that awareness.

Here’s another gem:

And as you play the game, you’ll notice that we offer people plenty of direction and advice in making sure they have enough space around them. And if their balance isn’t that good, they can lean on somebody else for support.

That’s right: if you’re drunk, have a friend hold you on the Fit. You’ll thank us for it.