One to Three for Five (Seconds): Two chairs, one table


Here’s another wacky design/concept for you to look at, say “wtf,” then move on with your day. Apparently it’s called One to Three for Five (Seconds), which I can only assume alludes to the fact that it—and “it” is a piece of furniture—can quickly transform from one, I don’t know, square, into two chairs and a small table. The pre-disassembly square, presumably, is one of those “look how avant garde my furniture is;” other than looking, what, unique, in the corner of a room, I don’t know what purpose it could serve. The chairs, though, those I actually wouldn’t be embarrassed having in my apartment.

Given that no other John Nousanesing design has made it into a big box retailer, I wouldn’t put to much faith in seeing One to Three (…) either. Most of the stuff in his portfolio is worth checking out, though, if you like these concepts. I do, which is I post about ’em seemingly every day.

via Yanko Design