Shady 360 controller mod enables programmable actions


Macros and scripts have been a part of gaming since Doom, at the very latest Quake (probably waaay earlier, I’m pretty ignorant), when the console and "bind" commands made their debut. For the best examples of scripts, see the insane game wizards at Quake Done Quick. Now imagine those types of lightning-quick actions applied to a game of Halo or Gears. This mod allows for that kind of programmability built into your 360 controller. Scary much?

Still, it’s a cool hardware mod, at least from what I can see. The parts needed list is, apart from "solder," "glue," and "buttons," completely incomprehensible to me. If you’re a freakin electrical engineer this should be a cake walk. My guess, though, is that while it’s technically undetectable, it will be super obvious if you’re doing microsecond rocket jumps or 180 spins in deathmatch, and you will almost certainly be banned.