Smartphones out of stock across the country as new models get ready to launch

smartphones frontIf you’re in the market for a smartphone, you might want to snatch one up today if you can, but then you might not even be able to find one.

RIM, Palm, and Apple are short on supply of their handsets, and many retailers are feeling the effects of the empty shelves.

We’d heard rumors that one such smartphone, the Sprint 755p from Palm, had been brought to end of life and there would be no more, but then Sprint said not so. Still, there haven’t been stock refreshes in the numbers needed since.

Our local Sprint store here is out but expects some late next week, not a very good sign for those in the market today. This is because there are many new phones about to hit from Palm, as well as RIM and the 3G iPhone is set for the next couple months.

All said, if you want a deal and are eyeing a phone, find it now. It might not be there tomorrow.